WDI Inspector Recertification Workshop

WDI Inspector  

Having earned the WDI Inspector Certification, you have equipped yourself to provide consistent, thorough, and accurate inspections every time you complete a WDI Inspection.  To maintain your certification, you need to complete a recertification course before June 30 of the year you expire. 

There are two types of recertification courses.

  1. You can attend the instruction portion of any regularly scheduled VPMA WDI Inspector Certification Course - either in-person or virtually.  Each presentation of this course has the most current information, research and inspection guidelines. 
  2. You can complete the VPMA WDI Inspector Recertification Online program, housed within the NPMA Learning Center.  To access this course, click here.  NOTE: You need to complete each of the 5 modules and take the exam at the end of the course.  This exam is used for evaluation purposes only. VPMA will be notified that you have completed the course, and will mail you your new WDI Inspector Card.  Troubleshooting: If you encounter any issues with accessing or completing the course, email training@pestworld.org or call 703-352-6762.

In-person Certified WDI Inspector Recertification courses are generally approved for recertification credits with VDACS and surrounding states in categories  7-B and 60. 

Upcoming events are listed below, if they are scheduled.

Cost: VPMA Member $93.50 - Non-member $110

Click here to register for the VPMA WDI Recertification Webinar on June 4th

Click here to register for the WDI Recertification Workshop tentatively scheduled for October 10th
* The October 10th Workshop will be held at the Hampton Roads Agricultural Research and Extension Center, 1444 Diamond Springs Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23455.

None at this time.