Exciting Happenings of the MSPCA!

In late January, a communications committee was formed with the following members: Josh Kramer (Innovative Pest Management, Inc.), Andrea Brubaker (Triple 'S' Pest Management), and Brian Schoonmaker (Capitol Pest) in an effort to modernize MSPCA communications. In early February, members of the communications committee held an informative conference call with membership partner Janay Rickwalder, Vice President, Communications, Marketing & Membership, NPMA, to discuss options for rebuilding the existing MSPCA website as well as moving the hosting of the site to the NPMA platform.

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Maryland State Pest Control Association honors retired Secretary Fred Neil

When Fred Neil retired as Executive Secretary of Maryland State Pest Control Association (MSPCA) in December 2016, it was 35 years after being asked to write four newsletters per year. It was the current President of MSPCA, Bernie Koman, who knew Neil from his years as a Radio Newsman, Sports Reporter and Press Officer for Mayor William Donald Schaefer, who made the request. 

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Mr. Fred Neil - We Salute You!

As many of you know, Fred Neil, Secretary of MSPCA, Editor of the MSPCA Newsletter and industry contributor who dedicated unrelenting energy to the MSPCA, has retired from his post after a 35-year commitment to the MSPCA.  While there no doubt that the room will feel a little different without Fred’s routine presence, Fred shows little sign of slowing down.  In fact, he’ll be tending to his post where he is a staple political force in his beloved Delaware.  We will truly miss the sight of Fred charismatically working the room—with tiny camera in hand, meeting and greeting guests and fellow members through his bubbly and unforgettable charm.  The Board has elected to honor Fred and his multi-decade contributions by renaming The Doug Sroka Scholarship.  Our offered scholarship is now The Fred Neil Scholarship

Congratulations Fred! 

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A Sobering Reminder For Reducing The Risk of Accidental Poisonings
By Joshua Kramer, Innovative Pest Management, Inc.

As many of you have likely read, there was a tragic pesticide poisoning incident in Amarillo, Texas a few weeks ago.  What we know through news reports is that four children lost their lives and seven other family members were hospitalized after being exposed to phosphine gas.  The father of this family reportedly spread the pesticide Weevil-Cide (aluminum phosphide pellets) underneath the family’s mobile home.  He was attempting to perform a rodent treatment.  Reportedly, some of the family members complained of a noxious odor and, as a result, the father decided to try and wash away the pesticide with a garden hose.  The application of water to the pesticide resulted in a rapid production of phosphine gas which then moved upwards into the living spaces of the home with disastrous consequences.

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How To Close A Sale With Confidence
By Andrea Brubaker, Triple 'S' Pest Management

Often salespeople put forth a great deal of effort and still end up walking away from a potential customer with no sale. After the prospecting, inspection, and proposal writing are done, actually closing the sale is vital to keeping up a salesperson’s confidence and making that time and effort worthwhile.

When you are in the final negotiations with a potential client, the salesperson must feel confident that they are moving forward with a mutually beneficial agreement between both parties.

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